[Machine Learning] Rain Snow Moon

This interactive ‘town creation’ game is an experimental project of Machine Learning technology and created within 2 days during the summer school at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), 2017.

In this work, we can build buildings, plant trees, and change weather based on our body & sound inputs. It recognizes body & sound pattern by Kinect and Wekinator (machine learning software), and associates these patterns with visual outputs .

For example, when someone raise his / her right arm up, it will show cloud in the sky. Similarly, when someone claps his / her hand, it started raining, and when someone kicks in the air, it destroys entire city.

I created weather’s visual and sound effect using Processing, and associated them with the body & sound pattern.

CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design)というデンマークのサマースクールにてインターナショナルなチームメンバーと共に実質約半日で作った作品。


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